Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of problems do we want to know about?

We want to know if you experience any problems in your care while at a MedStar hospital.  For example, we want to know about quality and safety concerns including problems with treatments, procedures or medications, and communication breakdowns.   


Do you want to know if I think someone made a mistake or error in my care

Yes, we want to know if you think someone made a mistake or error in your care.  


What if I have a concern about a bill or about insurance?  Can I report that here?

If you have a concern about a bill or about insurance call the number listed at the bottom of your bill or contact your insurance provider directly


What if I was treated somewhere else, at a hospital that is NOT part of MedStar?

Right now this program is only in place at MedStar hospitals.  If you have a concern about care you received somewhere else, please call that hospital or facility directly.


What if I am currently in a MedStar hospital?  Can I report a concern while I am still a patient?

Yes!  If you are currently in a hospital and experienced a problem in your care , we want to know right away.  The sooner we know, the sooner we can work to  make things right and improve your experience going forward.


Do I have to leave my name when I report?

No.  You do not have to leave your name, and can report anonymously.  But we hope you will  so that we can follow up with you.  .  


If I leave my name, will someone get back to me?

Yes.  If you leave your name – via the telephone hotline or website – someone will get back to you within one business day. Please make sure you leave a telephone number if you would like someone to call you back.


Is this website only for certain MedStar Hospitals? 

Yes. This website is for patients at all MedStar hospitals. 


Can I express a concern or report a problem in care on behalf of my family member, friend, or someone else who has been, or currently is a patient at a MedStar hospital? 

Yes.  You do not have to be a patient to report a problem using this website or the telephone hotline. 


If I have a concern, should I tell my doctors and nurses?

We hope you will talk to your doctors and nurses about any concerns.  They are there to help, and will try to make things right when you speak up.  


If I speak to my doctors and nurses, won’t they think I am a complainer?

No.  Our doctors and nurses want to know how to make things better for their patients.  



Will you tell my doctor or nurse I called?  Can my comments be anonymous and not shared with the care team in a way that would identify me?

We will keep your comments anonymous unless you give us permission to tell your doctor or nurse about your concerns. 


What will you do with the information I share?

We will use the information to try and fix problems that you tell us about. We will also work to improve care for future patients.  

We Want to Know Hotline

1-844-990-WWTK (9985)

We Want To Know is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Grant #1R18HS022757:K.M. Mazor PI). The project is a partnership between MedStar Health, MedStar Health Research Institute, and Investigators from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Washington.


We Want to Know está financiado por la Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Agencia para la Investigación y la Calidad del Cuidado de la Salud), (N.° de subvención 1R18HS022757:K.M. Mazor PI). El proyecto es una colaboración entre MedStar Health, MedStar Health Research Institute (Instituto de Investigación de MedStar Health) e investigadores de la University of Massachusetts Medical School (Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Massachusetts) y la University of Washington (Universidad de Washington).